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A big annoyance with websites is making changes over time. Perhaps it is something as simple as a typographical error or a price change. Making changes can be inconvenient to you and your designer.

What if I told you I could design you a website with a built in interface? That it would allowed you to make changes, add pages and pictures to your website from any computer connected to the internet. This is all possible with a content management system like WordPress. WordPress is used by over 30% of all websites on the internet for good reason. This is why I specialize in it.

This is me actually building the page you are viewing

This was me building the page you are viewing! After I had the page as I wanted, I simply added it to the navigation under “Services”. WordPress is a much better way to build a website that will meet your needs.

WordPress also uses a plug-in system that connect into your website. These plug-ins number in the hundreds and can perform many different functions. This includes such things as easy to make forms, a slideshow, membership lists, even online sales. Really too many to mention but have a look here.

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