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A website is essential to your business.

A proper website can:

  • Tell potential clients about you.
  • Show examples of your work.
  • Be a place for testimonials about you.
  • Answers your customer’s questions.
  • Provide a map and contact details for you.
  • Allow your customers to find you on their mobile device.
  • Provide you with an essential marketing tool.
  • Display any video you may have.

If you have a website that does not do this for you, we should talk. Sometimes solutions are easier than you think. We can come up with a solution that is right for you and within your budget.

This is Too Important

Websites are too important to your business to skimp on. Don’t fall for the free website schemes in commercials. And those do-it-yourself websites are for the benefit of a hosting company and not you.

Approach it logically. I will tell you how to do this without costing you a cent. The first step is to define what you want to accomplish. If you don’t know exactly what you want from a website, it can not be built.

Where to Begin?

I created forms you can use that will help you focus on your needs. I have created forms for both new websites and a redesign of a current website. Filling out one of these forms is the perfect first step. Do this no matter who you get to build your website for you. I highly recommend for you to begin this way.

Please use the appropriate form below.

Client Survey for a new website in Word Doc format

Client Survey for a new website in rich text format

Client Survey for a redesigned Website in Word Doc format

Client Survey for a redesigned Website in rich text format

Complete this form and contact me using the “Contact” link or email me directly.

Your Website Name

If you need a webpage a good URL name is important. You can explore names that are available and when you find one, buy it. URLs are inexpensive. The link below provides a look up service and if you need a place to host your site, it is also a good choice.

Check to see what URLs are available here.