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Website Technology


Stages of Planning


Creating a website is serious business and it requires a serious approach. There are steps for gathering the information that I need to proceed. These forms are also for your benefit so we are focused in what we want to accomplish.

After that I can communicate to you my understanding of what the plan will be.  With mutual acceptance we can move on to the actual design work.

For web projects the following tools may apply:

Project Discovery

1. Client Survey (*)
2. Maintenance Survey (*)
3. Technical Worksheet (*)
4. Client Specification Worksheet (*)
5. Analyze data from surveys and worksheets (me)
6. Communications Worksheet (me)

Information Design

And then the actual project begins and may include:

1. Information Architecture
2. Logo Design (optional)
3. Wireframes
4. Visual Design
5. Page/CSS Templates
6. WordPress Development (if applicable)
7. Testing & Debugging
8. Search Engine Optimization

(*) While there are several standard forms, I custom created these forms to reflect the latest standards to to better focus on the information I need.


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