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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of making your website easily found by your viewers. There are many factors involved. Search sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing do not allow you to “game”, (cheat), this system.

Some History

Whenever a complex system as important as search engine results come into play, there are always people who try to cheat. Search engine results suffered because of that. It was not long ago search engine results were full on nonsense. The top results were rarely what you were looking for and people lost confidence.

This created a race between the search engine companies to come up with a system that displayed the best results. It was this race that made Google the powerhouse that it became. Google was the first to come up with a system that did not depend on the systems where people could cheat. It took time for the others to catch up and this gave Google a solid lead.

And it all changed

If the system thinks you are cheating your search results will be penalized. All the gaming of the past has severe results. This has had positive results for the users. Their chance of finding what they are looking for is greatly increased. But the work in making your website visible has been increased.

The only way you get top results on a search engine is to work for them by making a website worth reading. The only other way is a paid listing at the top. The upside, creating a website worth reading is in everyone’s best interest. The downside of a paid top listing, few because people know how you got there. Many people skip the paid listings because they are often irrelevant. You know this because you use search engines.

So what does it take?

Good web practices are certainly part of the equation. The use of good titles and keywords and their placement on pages are important. Also having a mobile friendly design because Google will penalize your results if you don’t.

These things give you better search results:

  • Social media connections.
  • Relevant content on your website pages.
  • A blog that has relevant regular new content.
  • Other websites linking to your website.
  • Actual traffic to your website.
  • Worthy comments on other blogs linking to your website.
  • A mobile layout that works. (Negative results otherwise).
  • No website or linking errors. (Negative results otherwise).

So you get the general idea by now. That the search engines are looking for real websites with relevant content that people actual want to go to. Their reasons are basic, if they don’t give relevant results to a search it reflects badly on them.

Competition is fierce, everyone wants to use the web, and you have to stick out. There are no shortcuts and you can not game the system anymore. You create a reason for good search results or you pay for it.