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Responsive Design is the process of coding a website to display correctly across different devices.  This includes computers, pad devices, and mobile phones.

This website uses a fluid design that I built into the theme. That means if you resize the browser the elements change sizes and places. Go ahead and try it by grabbing the edge of your browser and making it smaller.

At 768 pixels wide the website shifts into a phone friendly format. I programmed in jQuery for the menu to be shown or hidden. It also allows the menus to be controlled by clicks instead of mouse-overs because phones don’t mouse.

For businesses it is vital to display properly on a mobile phone. Search engines will penalize your search rankings if your website is not mobile friendly. Besides the menu, your entire site needs to scale. If it is a multi-column design, at certain points it needs to become a single column for best readability.

Responsive design is part of the planning stage. Today all websites I create employ some form of responsive design.

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