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With effective mobile design:

  • More customers will find you.
  • Your search results will be better.
  • Your website will link your physical location to your client’s GPS.

People have been saying for years that phones will replace computers. Anyone who uses a computer for work, productivity, or serious gaming knows this is not true. But we still can not ignore the fact that phones and mobile devices are a gateway to the internet for a growing worldwide population. Even computer users use a mobile device away from home.


This data is from Morgan Stanley.  In many countries mobile devices are the way people have access to the internet.

Mobile Friendly Design

While early mobile phones were low resolution, that has been changing. One thing that has not changed is that you can not mouse over on a phone. Mouse over function is common on normal web pages but will cause issues on a phone. Because of this and other factors regarding text size, mobile design has to be a part of normal web design.

GPS Friendly

Another consideration is that many people use their phones for GPS navigation. Most connect to common web applications like Google Maps. Embedding a google map in your contact tab is not a bad idea.

Better Search Results

Responsive design is also critical and your page needs to scale depending on the device it is being viewed on. Some search engines like Google consider mobile design so important that they will penalize your listing if it is not mobile friendly.

Adding Mobile Design

All is not lost if your site is not mobile friendly. Adding mobile friendly features can be added to preexisting websites. As far as new sites, all websites I create are mobile friendly.

Try It!

This website is mobile friendly and it is easy to see how it works. Press the square button on the top of your browser so it is not full screen. Mouse over to the side of your browser window. The resize arrows will appear and you can grab the side of your browser and make the window more narrow. Slowly make it more narrow and watch how the page responds. Watch how the menu bar changes to a mobile friendly design and how the page columns change.