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The reasons for a logo are:

  • They look great on your website, letterhead, and business card.
  • They are a visual representation of company.
  • They become your trademark or brand.
  • They help you stick out.
  • They allow instant public recognition.

A logos represent your company in a visual way. Most companies have a logo. Think of any company and a logo usually comes to mind.


They need not be complicated and can be created by graphical or textural elements. Sometimes it is simply a manipulation of words, fonts, and colors.

Think about the most recognizable logos and how simple they typically are. A combination of words and backgrounds.


There really are no hard rules and logos often derive from experimentation of an idea. It is not uncommon to see a logo made up of two different fonts and colors combined into one word.


I can help you with your logo. Think about what you want your logo to say about you. You may even have the basis of a logo already in your current design. I can help you develop it.