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Creating a Website Disclaimer

A disclaimer on your website is a simple first line of defense from frivolous lawsuits. It should reside in a persistent place on your website. You should have a link to it on every page of your site. On this website it appears in the footer of the page. This is a free disclaimer builder for you.

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Responsive Design

For businesses this is vital to display properly on a mobile phone. The larger buttons actually look more like an app than a webpage. It is important to have at least one step where you go from a multi-column design to one column for best readability.

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Stages of Planning

Creating a website is serious business and it requires a serious approach. There are steps for gathering the information that I need to proceed. These forms are also for your benefit so we are focused in what we want to accomplish. After that I can communicate to you my understanding of what the plan will be. With mutual acceptance we can move on to the actual design work.

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